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How to Obtain a State License for Your Home Health Care Agency


Prepared by 21st Century Health Care Consultants – A Nationwide Company with over 25 Years of Experience in the Licensing and Certification of Home Health Care Agencies

Starting a Home Health Care Agency is a demanding task. Legal registration and permits for running the business are required, but the most demanding item is the submission of the required state application and preparation for the subsequent state license inspection. The owner also needs to plan out the services that will be offered by the Home Health Care Agency.

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Hiring a Home Health Care Consultant

Consider hiring a Home Health Care Consultant that is knowledgeable about setting up Home Health Care Agencies in your state.

A good consultant can simplify the process and can expedite the licensing process, assure that you pass the state license inspection, train your personnel on how to operate the agency and develop all of the manuals that you will need in order to comply with state and federal laws.

Registration for Opening a Home Health Care Agency

    The home health business needs to be registered to be a legally operating business in the United States. According to Business.gov, each state has a set of requirements or rules regarding business registration. You will need to register your Home Health Care Agency under the state laws in your state and set up the business entity that will best fit your needs. Typically, this will be a sub-chapter S corporation or a Limited Liability Company (LLC). If you have an existing corporation or LLC, these entities can be used, as you may wish to obtain an assumed or fictitious name to identify your agency.

Permits and Licenses Required to Open a Home Health Care Agency

Permits and Home Health Care Licenses are required for a Home Health Care Agency. The permits and Home Health Care License requirements will differ for each state,. The business may also require local permits, which can include a local business permit and an occupational permit from the county’s building and planning department.

Tax ID and NPI Numbers Required to Open a Home Health Care Agency

To open a Home Health Care Agency you will need to apply for a Federal Tax ID as well as a National Provider Identifier Number(NPI number). These can be done at the respective websites. When you register your company with your state, you will get information pertaining to your state tax ID number. This will allow you to make the payments required for your state income tax and employment taxes for your Home Health Care Agency.