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Training at Our Headquarters

Thank you to the following Agencies that had a great day of training at our facility in Tampa, Florida

All Broward Home Health

Express Home Health Inc.

Blue Sky Home Health Care, Inc.

Boca Home Health

Texas comfort care, inc.

Gold Team Home Health

Asher Heath Care, LLC

First Health Systems

National Health Care Agency

Mission Home Health Care

Medicor Healthcare

Plan B-Adult care

Ambience HHC

Patriot Home Health Care

Caregiving with Love
HomeHealth Specialists





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Our Guiding Principles

Grace Ogunsola, Rosina McFadden, Emily Lupton

The 21st Century Consulting Team embraces
the following core values, demonstrated by our
commitment to our CLIENTS:
To honor God in all we do.
To treat each other with dignity and respect. To encourage growth in ourselves and others.
To build value in our service to others.

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Home Health Skilled Care Training
One word describes our boot camp training Course 'Intense". After attending our live intensive Boot Camp training course you will receive all the necessary tools to succeed. Our goal is to have you leave our training ready to hit the ground running and launch your very own home health care agency. We have designed this program to give you the knowledge and training to effectively operate your Home Health Care Agency. From all that is required with the admitting of patients to meeting all the requirements for the completion of successful surveys (state and federal). Our marketing program will provide you with the confidence in knowing that you can effectively compete with the best agencies in your local area.
Lifetime Training Commitment
We are the only consulting company that offers a lifetime training/support program. Our training program and its forever concept means that your Home Health Care Agency can attend our Home Health Care Training Sessions for as long as you are in business. Our Home Health Care Training Courses are held on a quarterly basis.
Here is an Outline of What Our Course Covers
Clinical Care Training Oasis Training Business Development, Marketing & Customer Services Training Patient Resources:
Insurance Providers & HMO Training
Being the Boss Training Software Training Home Health Billing Training Home Health Accounting
Welcome to Home Health Care
Why Home Care
Medicare 101
Required Documentation
Clinical Care
Patient Assessment
How to Take a Referral
Doctors Orders
How to Complete a 485 / Plan of Care
Nurses Notes
Oasis Documentation
Required Evaluations
Infection Control
Bag Technique
Being the boss
Roles and responsibilities of the Administrator / Director of Nursing
Business Development and Marketing
Patient Resources
Health Care Accounting
Human Resources / Personal File Requirements
Software Solutions for your business
Home Health Care Billing
Student Breakout Sessions & Presentations
Testimonials from recent clients who have attended this course.
Celine Peri
Affinity Health Care Solutions, Cincinnati, Ohio

Excellent training and I am happy to be part of this group. As an existing agency, if I could have received this training years ago, I could have avoided the mistakes I made during my accreditation survey. The training covers all areas necessary to make any agency succeed. Oasis billing information and how this transforms into money was excellent.
Colleen Rosalia
HomeCare Solutions, Stoneybrook, NY

The training was wonderful. The trainers were great and so were all the agencies that attended.The Boot Camp training confirmed how excited I am to begin my own agency. I was given a good foundation to build on and a great number of tools to use.

Ron Pillai
American Family Home Health Agency, Chicago, Illinois

Your Boot Camp training was a great learning experience for me. The step by step approach for all that is required with the admitting patients and all the documentation that is required for the certification period was exactly what I needed.

Flavia Mitrache
Valentine Home Health Care, Evergreen Park, Illinois

The training was very good. It provided me with objective information that I needed to start and manage my Home Health Care agency.

Maysan Shuayb
Shuayb Home Health, Springhill, Florida

The training was well organized. The instructors really knew their stuff.

Tushar Lothe
Golden Age HHC, LLC, Indianapolis, Indiana

The Boot Camp Training provided me with an in depth insight of the home health business. It was well organized and structured. I really benefited from the information provided as it relates to clinical, operational and regulatory guidelines. I also appreciate the opportunity given to network with all the other agencies that attended the training and to meet the 21st Century Family.

Christina Morado, RN
Care from the Heart HHC, Mansfield, Texas

I was very impressed with the training that I attended and would recommend it. There was very, very important information covered. For me, I had my questions answered and gaps filled with the areas that I was unaware of and unfamiliar with.

David Fenenbock
Dependable Nightingales Agency, Orlando, Florida

Very good overview of Home Health Care and a good starting point for my agency.

Edna Perez, RN
Visiting Nurse services of Florida, Sun City, Florida

The Boot Camp training was great. My main take away was the understanding Oasis. I highly recommend this for all agencies.

Gerri Shook, RN
Elite HHC, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Excellent, I would definitely attend again and my two RN partners will be at the next seminar. I learned how detailed and precise all paperwork need to be. The billing and software part of the training was great. This training reassured me of my confidence in my overall ability to open my own agency.

Bret Cloward
Inspiration Home Health, Salt Lake City, Utah

The boot Camp Training was very beneficial to me. I benefited from so much of this training. The main areas were the basics of Home Health Oasis training and the Billing session.

Debbie Daly-Gawenda
Valentine Home Health, Evergreen Park, Illinois

This Boot Camp training was excellent and I would highly recommend it. As a newcomer to the field, I had an excellent opportunity to get all my questions answered.

Eric Nvenge
Home Based HHC, Bear Delaware

The Boot Camp training was delightful. I received sufficient Knowledge, Practice and self assessment training about matters related to running a home health care agency.

Jim Weyant
Shuayb Home Health, Sarasota, Florida

The boot camp training Superb!!! As a newcomer to the business of Home Care, I was encouraged to see others as confused as me. 21st Century Health Care Consultants training approach was geared toward supplying information on a basis for all to understand. I can now move forward with the knowledge and confidence that I need.

Anna Gwannulla
Home Based Nursing, Bear , Delaware

The training was very informative with all home health care related information that I needed. I am so happy that I made the trip to attend this training. The training has given me the Home Health Care exposure that I needed as a startup agency.

Carlos Pereira / Jessica Hernandez, RN
Home Health Care Resources, Palm Beach, Florida

Really Informative training with great presentations. The four areas that describe this Boot Camp training are Reassurance  -  Empowerment   -  Education and Re-energizing

Dunbar Wright
Prince MAR HHC, Naples Florida

The Boot Camp training was great. This training has given me the knowledge that I needed about a business that I had very little information about.  I can say that I am going home with the knowledge and confidence that I need to move forward with my agency.

Olna Vilson
Olna's Home Care,  Pembroke Pines, Florida

My overall opinion about the training is that 21st Century is doing a great job at what they do.

My biggest worry was how to market my agencies services. This training has provided me with the knowledge that I needed on how to market my agency. I am so thankful to 21st Century and I feel confident in how I need to approach this with my agency.