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Training at Our Headquarters

Thank you to the following Agencies that had a great day of training at our facility in Tampa, Florida

All Broward Home Health

Express Home Health Inc.

Blue Sky Home Health Care, Inc.

Boca Home Health

Texas comfort care, inc.

Gold Team Home Health

Asher Heath Care, LLC

First Health Systems

National Health Care Agency

Mission Home Health Care

Medicor Healthcare

Plan B-Adult care

Ambience HHC

Patriot Home Health Care

Caregiving with Love
HomeHealth Specialists





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Our Guiding Principles

Grace Ogunsola, Rosina McFadden, Emily Lupton

The 21st Century Consulting Team embraces
the following core values held by the Home
Office and demonstrated by our
commitment to our CLIENTS:
To honor God in all we do.
To treat each other with dignity and respect. To encourage growth in ourselves and others.
To build value in our service to others.
How to Apply for a National Provider Identifier Number (NPI Number) - 888-850-6932
A National Provider Identifier Number (NPI Number) is a number for which all health care providers and health plans must apply. The objective is to ensure the secure and effective delivery of health care information through electronic means. The 10-digit NPI Number does not embed information about the individual provider or health care organization. The first nine digits of the NPI Number are the identifier, while the last number of the NPI Number is a “check digit,” which helps prevent the use of invalid NPI Numbers, according to CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). The fastest way to apply for a National Provider Identifier Number or NPI Number is online.

To obtain your NPI Number, log into NPPES at www.nippes.cms.hhs.gov and click on “National Provider Identifier Number”(NPI Number). Click on “Apply Online for an NPI Number” to access the NPI Number Application. Select secret questions and create a user ID and password that you will remember. The password can be changed only once every 24 hours and the user ID cannot be changed at all once created.

Organizations must complete the “Organization Profile” page. Enter the legal business name on record with the IRS, as well as the EIN that the IRS assigned you. List other names that your business goes by, or previously used names. Individual providers must complete the “Select Taxonomy” page, and provide classification name and specialty. If applicable, enter your license number. Do not enter your SSN or TIN in this section.

Complete the “Other Identification Numbers” page with numbers such as Medicare PIN, Medicare UPIN, Medicare Certification, Medicare NSC and Medicaid State Numbers. Up to 50 additional numbers may be added, but do not enter your SSN or TIN in this area.

Complete the “Business Mailing Address” page and include complete address, telephone numbers and extensions. If you’re listing a country outside of the U.S. that does not have a province, enter the country’s name in the province field. For military addresses, the city should be APO or FPO. Mark the state as AE, AA or AP and the country should be the U.S.

Double check your entries, submit and go to the processing page to obtain your tracking number. This number will be required for any correspondence regarding your application. Allow 15 working days to receive your NPI Number. If you do not receive your NPI Number in 15 working days, contact the NPI Enumerator for the status of your NPI Number.

If you have questions about obtaing your NPI Number, contact us today!